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  • Enhanced Indoor Environmental Quality

    • Smoking is not allowed inside the library, or within 20 feet of the entry.
    • The parking structure is monitored for carbon monoxide levels and is designed to maintain levels that will sustain long-term occupant health and comfort and save energy by optimizing ventilation effectiveness.
    • Fresh air is mixed into the mechanical system to support the health, safety, and comfort of people in the building. A "raised" floor in most areas offers better under-floor air distribution throughout the new library.
    • Filters within the mechanical system were used during construction to prevent contamination from the construction process. The building was "flushed" prior to opening to the public. This process involves running the mechanical system for two weeks following the completion of construction, and bringing 100 percent fresh air into the building. All filters were then replaced to remove construction-related contaminants from the system.
    • All paint on the walls and steel structure, as well as all adhesives and sealants, are low VOC (volatile organic compounds), containing little or none of the dangerous chemicals commonly found in these materials.
    • "Walk-off" mats in entryways help prevent pollutants from being tracked into the library.
    • Temperature is controlled and monitored with the use of sensors throughout the building.
    • Many of the Main Library's architectural features, including multiple entrances, the paseo, garden courtyards, windows, and especially the second level “belvedere” feature, enhance the connection between indoor and outdoor environments, providing 75 percent access to daylight in regularly occupied spaces and affording library visitors great views. The extensive curtain wall window system provides a line of sight to windows from 90 percent of the regularly-occupied spaces.
    • The window covering system allows control over direct sunlight and helps reduce heat gain.
    • Windows in most office spaces are operable.


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