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  • Self-Service Hours 

    Ready to Start?

    How to register:

    Review your account and fines online. Please pay all fines before starting the application process.

    To register online, read about the service, policies and application, and submit your application.

    To register in person, visit the Main Library, Montana Ave. Branch, or Pico Branch during open hours and bring a valid photo identification and proof of current address.

    Allow 2-3 business days for processing of your application and to receive your welcome e-packet.

    By registering for Self-Service Hours, patrons acknowledge and agree to the following terms of use. Any violation may result in the patron losing Self-Service hours privileges, suspension of their borrowing or Library visitation privileges.

    About the Grant

    The Santa Monica Public Library has been selected to participate in an exclusive grant with funding in whole or in part by the State of California and administered by California State Library and CALIFA and in partnership with Bibliotheca, LLC.  This project pilot is an innovative new way to provide library service in a Post-COVID world.

    Ten California libraries were selected to receive funding to increase access to physical services through more open hours via the Open+ product. Bibliotheca has equipped the Ocean Park Branch and Fairview Branch of the Santa Monica Public Library with equipment necessary to provide a comprehensive self-service solution including controlled access to the library using a library card badge reader and cameras to provide security.  

    Patrons may be preapproved to use this service and must agree to adhere to a user agreement that outlines patron responsibilities.  Patrons that are approved to use self-service technology will be able to make full use of the self-service opportunities including self-checkouts, computer usage, printing, WiFi and space.

    Open+ System

    Ocean Park Open+ Scan Card

    The Open+ system by Bibliotheca is comprised of several access control systems, computer systems with library integration and sensors to accomplish what becomes a self-service access-controlled library.

    Systems installed through the grant:

    Library Controller – This is the “brains” of the system that provides connection between sensors and the library system for authentication

    Entry Panel – This is the patron input device – where patrons will scan or enter their card information.

    Door Automation – This modification allows the system to control when the library door is open and closed

    Cameras – A camera system provides additional monitoring for both live and evidenced-based monitoring of any incidents.

    Sound System – This system allows for automated announcements including closures and safety announcements.

    Services Offered

    Self-Service Options Available:

    The Library emphasizes self-service and provides a number of technology options for patrons that can be used during Self-Service Hours.

    Self-Checkouts – The Library has two kiosks for self-service checkouts, account management, and fine payment.

    Online Catalog Stations – The Library has two Library catalog stations for self-service online account management, renewals, searching, and discovery of Library material and online resources.

    Information Services – Reference and information services are available by phone (310) 458-8600 during designated hours or by e-mail at

    Study Space – The Library is available for studying, working, and reading. COVID-19 restrictions may affect how this service is provided.

    Technology – The Library is equipped with public access computer stations. Printing is available. Wi-Fi is available for your device to access online services and wireless printing.

    Services Not Available:

    Please use our website or other Library locations to access these services:
    • Programs and Storytimes
    • In-Person Account Management – Visit another library location or call (310) 458-8600 for assistance with accounts, account registrations, renewals, PIN number questions, or support.  
    • In-Person Technical Assistance – Report technical issues to or (310) 458-8600. Technical support is not available at the Branch and the issue may need to be resolved at a later time.  



    Self-Service Hours at Ocean Park Branch during the pilot phase: 


    Ocean Park Branch
    Self-Service Hours

    Fairview Branch
    Self-Service Hours






    12:00 p.m. – 8:00 p.m.


    12:00 p.m. – 8:00 p.m.






    10:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.

    10:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.








    Self-Service Hours Policies and Procedures

    Self-Service Hours Eligibility and Requirements

    Service Location - Ocean Park Branch Library, 2601 Main Street, Santa Monica, CA
    Service Location - Fairview Branch Library, 2101 Ocean Park Blvd., Santa Monica, CA

    Please follow occupancy limits. Time in the building is restricted to 120 minutes and computer usage is 60 minutes.

    Patrons 18 years of age or older must present their valid library card, photo identification, and proof of current address for verification purposes.

    Current cardholders:

    • Expired cards must be renewed and validated. Post office boxes are not accepted as mailing addresses for Self-Service Hours access. Proof of address is subject to the Circulation address verification policies. If mailing address does not match ID, other proof will be required.
    • All fines paid at the time of sign-up for Self-Service Hours.
    • No Rules of Conduct violations.
    • Patrons must sign the Santa Monica Public Library Self-Service Hours Agreement.
    • Patron accepts responsibility for the space, equipment, and furniture during the time that they access a Library branch equipped with self-service technology.
    • All Library policies are in effect during Self-Service hours including the Library’s Rules of Conduct, COVID-19 Addendum, and the Computer and Internet Use Policy listed on the website:
    • Per the Santa Monica Municipal Code section 1.08.030 (c) any person who violates any rule or regulation adopted by the Library Board may be subject to suspension their borrowing or Library visitation privileges.
    • Library staff will not be available in person during Self-Service hours, but remote staff assistance is available by phone (310) 458-8600 or email If issues cannot be resolved remotely, Library staff will recommend that you visit an open Library facility.
    • Patrons younger than 18 years of age must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.
    • Patrons who have opted-in to Self-Service hours will use their own Library card to gain entry.
    • Patrons will not open the entrance to a Library branch equipped with self-service technology to people (who may or may not have been pre-registered) other than immediate family.
    • Security cameras monitor the Library branch where self-service technologies are available during Library hours.
    • No access to any staff areas or prohibited areas.
    • Patrons must be able to summon help by calling 911 in an emergency.
    • If announcements are made during Self-Service hours, all patrons agree to comply with any directions.
    • Once registered, patrons may obtain Self-Service access including use of public access computers, printing, browsing, check-out, and holds pick-up. This service is not available on holidays or on days when the location is closed. Access to self-service technologies and facilities are limited to pre-approved patrons and this is an optional service and access may be removed at any time for any reason.

    For more information about Ocean Park Self-Service Hours, call us at (310) 458-8600 or email

    This project was supported in whole or in part by funding provided by the State of California, administered by the California State Library.



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