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    Members in good standing may check out up to 50 total items from any of our locations, subject to the limits outlined below.

    Item Type Item Limit Loan Period Renewals
    Most Items 50 4 weeks 3
    DVDs 25 1 week 3
    Music CDs 50 2 weeks 3
    Magazines 50 2 weeks 3
    Audiobooks      25 4 weeks 3
    Adult New Books 25 2 weeks 3
    Lucky Day Books 3 2 weeks 0
    Lucky Day DVDs 3 1 week 0
    eBooks & Digital Media
    See eBooks & Digital Media 
    varies varies 0
    Interlibrary Loans no limit;
    charges apply
    2 weeks See Reference Staff

    Caring for Library Materials

    Library materials are for the benefit of all users and should be treated with care. Report problems to library staff; do not attempt to repair items. Please refer to our Caring for Library Materials guide for more information. 

    Renewing Materials

    Starting July 1, 2019, most items checked out to your library account will renew automatically three days prior to the due date. Eligible items will renew up to three times. Loan periods will extend from their original due dates. Renewal periods will be the same length as the original loan period. Manual renewal is still available for eligible items in-person, through your Online Account, or via the automated telephone system using (310)-458-8704. For more information view the FAQ.

    Materials will not be renewed if:
    • There is a hold on the item
    • The item has already been renewed the maximum number of times
    • Your account is blocked due to fines or fees
    • They are non-renewable, such as Lucky Day items or Book Group In a Box kits
    • They are Inter-Library Loan items
    • They are digital items (e-books, e-audiobooks, streaming movies, and music)
    • The item was already overdue prior to July 1, 2019

    Need help? Please contact staff using (310) 458-8614 during open hours.

    Returning Materials 

    Santa Monica Public Library materials of any type may be returned at any location during open hours or in the exterior bins before midnight. Items returned after the due date may incur late fees.

    Main Library
    Exterior bins are located at the side of the building on 6th Street. There is also a bin on the P1 level of the underground parking structure (enter on 7th Street, no charge if you exit the structure within thirty minutes).

    Fairview Branch
    Two exterior bins are located at the front of the building along Ocean Park Blvd.

    Montana Branch
    Exterior bins are located at the front of the building along Montana Ave. There is also a bin at the entrance to the parking lot on 17th Street.

    Ocean Park Branch
    Two exterior bins are located near the public building entrance along Norman Place.

    Pico Branch
    Two exterior bins are connected to the building, located to the right of the main entrance.
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