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    About Zip Books:Zip Books Logo

    Zip Books is a way for patrons to request books that Santa Monica Public Library does not own. The item is free to you and ships directly to you using Amazon.


    • Patrons must have a Santa Monica Public Library card with good standing.
    • Only one Zip Book may be requested at a time. A previous Zip Book must be returned before requesting another item. No more than four requests per month.
    • Only items currently not in our library collection and not owned by the library can be requested.
    • The total cost of an item must not exceed $50 before taxes.
    • Item must be a Book, a Large Print Book, or a Book on CD.
    • The item must be available new, in stock, and shipped through Amazon.
    • No textbooks, study guides, spiral bound, print on demand, pop-ups, pamphlets, kits, best sellers, or new releases (published in the last 12 months).
    • Use the purchase suggestion form to suggest best sellers and new releases.
    • Zip Books may be added to the Library’s collection if they fall under our collection development guidelines.
    • The Library reserves the right to not fulfill requests.

    How to Request and Return a Zip Book:

    Step 1: Fill out the Zip Books Request Form

    Step 2: Library staff will email or call to let you know what day to expect the book to arrive from Amazon or let you know if it is not available. Please allow us 10 business days to process your request.

    Step 3: Keep the item up to 4 weeks. When you are finished, insert the gift receipt in the Zip Book and return the book to a staff member at any open Santa Monica Public Library location. Once the item is checked in, it will be taken off your library record and you may request another book. An item that is lost or damaged, or incorrectly returned to the library may result in a temporary suspension to use the Zip Books Service until the issue is resolved.

    The Zip Books project is supported in whole or in part by funding provided by the State of California, administered by the California State Library. 



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