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  • Getting a Library Card

  • You can sign up for a temporary library card during the emergency COVID-19 closure. 

    Please fill out the temporary library card application online form. Allow 1-2 business days for processing.  After you receive an email with your new library card number, you will be able to enjoy the Library's suite of electronic resources, including books, movies, and music available for download or streaming.

    California residents may apply online for a temporary Santa Monica Public Library card using the link above.

    Renewing Your Library Card

    Library cards are valid for a 1-year term.  As a courtesy, an automated notice is sent three weeks prior to account expiration.  Cards may be renewed for one year by contacting us at (310) 458-8600 or by emailing  To renew a card, please settle all charges on the account first. 

    Who May Use Your Library Card

    Any person who has your card may use it to check out items from the library. Keep your card safe and be aware that you are responsible for everything checked out on your account. Notify the library by phone as soon as you notice your card has been lost or stolen. 

    Privacy of Patron Records

    In keeping with the American Library Association's Policy on Confidentiality of Library Records and Policy Concerning Confidentiality of Personally Identifiable Information About Library Users and State of California Government Code Section 6267, Santa Monica Public Library staff will not respond to any informal request by a third party for personally identifiable information about any library user.

    Personally identifiable information may be released only to a law enforcement agency after presentation of an order by a court of competent jurisdiction issued in proper form (a court issued subpoena or search warrant) and/or under the provisions of the USA PATRIOT Act. Under some circumstances librarians may be forbidden to disclose that certain records have been requested or obtained. 

    Except in cases of lost/stolen items or substantial unpaid fines, where we may use a collection agency, credit bureau, or law enforcement, client records will never be shared with private companies. 

    Library staff will collect only the information needed to contact library users, such as mailing address, email address, phone number, etc., in order to ensure the proper notification, lending, and return of library materials and the collection of fines. Records will be retained for the shortest length of time necessary to facilitate library operations. 


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