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 Books about California Missions can be found under the call number x 979.4.

California Missions
in Order of Founding
California Missions
in Alphabetical Order
  1. Mission San Diego de Alcala (1769)
  2. Mission San Carlos Borroméo de Carmelo (1770)
  3. Mission San Antonio de Padua (1771)
  4. Mission San Gabriel Arcángel (1771)
  5. Mission San Luis Obispo (1772)
  6. Mission San Francisco de Asís (1776)
  7. Mission San Juan Capistrano (1776)
  8. Mission Santa Clara de Asís (1777)
  9. Mission San Buenaventura (1782)
  10. Mission Santa Barbara (1786)
  11. Mission La Purisíma Concepción (1787)
  12. Mission Santa Cruz (1791)
  13. Mission Nuestra Señora de la Soledad (1791)
  14. Mission San José (1797)
  15. Mission San Juan Bautista (1797)
  16. Mission San Miguel de Arcángel (1797)
  17. Mission San Fernando Rey de España (1797)
  18. Mission San Luis Rey de Francia (1798)
  19. Mission Santa Inés (1804)
  20. Mission San Rafael Arcángel (1817)
  21. Mission San Francisco de Solano (1823)


  California Missions Resource Center

  The California Mission Resource Center is a comprehensive guide to discovering the history behind the missions and the people who

  founded and shaped the character of California.

  California State Parks: The Mission Trail

  Information about El Camino Real (The Royal Road) and each of the missions that lines the trail.


  California Missions

  Select a mission for some photograph


  Some titles include:

The Indians and the California Missions  

Lyngheim, Linda.
X979.4 Lyngheim

Following a brief discussion of the history of the discoveryand settlement of early California, the establishment and daily life of each of the missions is described.

Each chapter also explains what happens today at the mission.


California Missions (series name)

Titles in this series include:

Missions of the Central Coast   X979.47 BEHRENS

covers Santa Barbara, Santa Inés, and La Purisíma Concepción missions
Missions of the Inland Valleys 
covers San Luis Obispo, San Miguel de Arcángel, San Antonio de Padua, and Nuestra Señora de la Soledad missions
Missions of the Los Angeles Area 
covers San Gabriel Arcángel, San Fernando Rey de España,and San Buenaventura missions
Missions of the Monterey Bay Area 
X979.47 ABBINK

covers San Carlos Borroméo de Carmelo, Santa Cruz, and San Juan Bautista missions

Missions of the San Francisco Bay Area  X979.46 WHITE
covers Santa Clara de Asís, San José, San Francisco de Asís, San Rafael Arcángel, and San Francisco de Solano missions
Missions of the Southern Coast  X979.49 LEMKE
covers San Diego de Alcala, San Juan Capistrano, and San Luis Rey de Francia missions
 People of the California Missions (series name) 

Williams, Jack S.
X979.4 Williams

Titles in this series include:

Craftsmen and Craftswomen of the California Mission Frontier

Indians of the California Mission Frontier

Padres of the California Mission Frontier

Sailors, Merchants and Muleteers of the California Mission Frontier

Soldiers and Their Families of the California Mission Frontier

Townspeople and Ranchers of the California Mission Frontier


 Toucan Fact Cards Online

Under the California Fact Cards section, click on
Missions for specific information on each mission.

 Click on Mission Life for information about who lived at the missions and what they did as workers, soldiers and padres.

World Book Online Reference Center

The World Book Online Reference Center provides online access to encyclopedia articles, dictionary entries, images, and maps.

Check out the Explore California tab for information about California history, geography, and more.

Gale Student Resource Center

The Gale Student Resource Center is designed for middle school and high school students. However the database does have information that may be useful for 4th and 5th graders.

Search for “California missions” for general information, or search for a specific mission by name.


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