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California Native Tribes Pathfinder

Books about California Native Tribes can be found under the call number x 970.1 or YA 970.1


 Toucan Fact Cards Online  

California Indians Fact Cards gives quick facts about the traditional way of life in about 1770 of more than 50 early California groups. For each group the fact card gives information about the location, language, population, settlements, housing, food, clothing and tools.

To use the fact cards, click on the link above, then enter your library card number. Under the California Fact Cards section, click on Indians. Scroll down until you see the name of the tribe you are researching.


World Book Online Reference Center

The World Book Online Reference Center provides online access to encyclopedia articles, dictionary entrys, images, and maps.

Go to World Book Student and check out the Explore California tab for information about California history, geography, and more. Then click on Native American Groups under the Resource Guide.



 Some titles include:

Student Almanac of Native American History
(2 volumes)

YA 970.1 Student

While not specifically about California Indians, these books contain information about several California tribes.  Look in the index for your tribe.

The Indians of California  

x979.49 Indians

A Time-Life book with several good pictures.


Life of the California coast nations  

Aloian, Molly
x970.1 Aloian

Indians of the California Missions Frontier  

Williams, Jack S.
X979.4 Williams

Indians of the California Mission Frontier shows what daily life was like, how the mission Indians' culture changed, and which traditions they were able to keep

California Native Peoples 

Feinstein, Steven
x970.1 Feinstein



History and Culture

A History of American Indians in California

The National Park Service tells the history of Native Americans in California, from earliest contact, through the mission period, to the present day. It does not contain information on individual tribes

Native California Cultures Exhibit of Artifacts

An online museum exhibit of objects owned by the Phoebe A. Hurst Museum of Anthropology. This is a collection of pictures, with short descriptions.




California Indian Basketry:
Shapes and Uses

Provides pictures of various types of baskets used by California natives, with descriptions of the baskets and what they are used for.

Entwined with Life:
Native American Basketry

The Burke Museum of Natural History and Culture shows pictures of Native American baskets and describes their use. Photographs are primarily of baskets produced by tribes in the state of Washington, but California tribes are also discussed.

 Basketry of Native American Cultures

Describes baskets used by various tribes, with some information on construction and meaning of the patterns used in decoration.


Food Sources & Other Plant Use     

Acorn Epicures

 Acorns were a staple food of some California tribes. This site describes how they were prepared and used. 

  The Soap Plant

The soap plant was another plant used by California tribes. This site describes its uses
and how it was prepared.

 Native American Ethnobotany 

Learn about some of the plants used by you tribe.
Type the name of your tribe in the search box. 


Other reSources




Learn some words in the language of your tribe. Search for your tribe in the list.



Read some of the legends of your tribe. Scroll to the bottom to find the right page for your tribe.



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