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Meeting Room Policy

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Approved by the Library Board April 2017


The Santa Monica Public Library has meeting rooms available to the general public. Use is granted on an equal basis to all groups in accordance with the American Library Association Library Bill of Rights.


Supervision and Management

  1. Library meeting rooms are managed according to city and state laws governing protection of public property and fire safety.
  2. It shall be the responsibility of the City Librarian to supervise and manage the meeting rooms and to give permission for their use in accordance with, and subject to, the terms and conditions contained herein.
  3. All persons wishing to use Library meeting rooms must agree to abide by the rules and regulations set forth for their use.
  4. The fact that a group or organization is granted permission to meet in the Library in no way constitutes endorsement by the City of the policies or beliefs of that group or organization.


Rules for Use

  1. Library meeting rooms are suitable for orderly public gatherings for such purposes as lectures, film showings, musical programs, discussion groups, and similar activities.
  2. They are not available to be used for any of the following:
    1. For purposes prohibited by city ordinance, by state or federal law, or by Library Rules and Regulations.
    2. For the commercial advertising or direct solicitation of clients or customers.
    3. For fund-raising.
    4. For events which directly profit the business of a commercial organization or individual.
  3. All meetings are to be open to the public free of charge.  No fee shall be charged, nor donation solicited, nor membership be required as a condition of entry. There can be no sales of products or services.
  4. The above restriction does not apply to City or Library events and activities.
  5. Applicant agrees to leave the room and furnishings in the condition in which they are found. Applicant further agrees to accept liability for any damage to the facility, its furniture or equipment caused by the occupancy of said premises by the organization. Damage to Library property will be paid for by the applicant at a cost determined by the City. All leftover food must be disposed of in the trash bins or removed.
  6. Total hours requested must include set-up and clean-up time. Rental period begins when the room is opened. Applicant may not enter the room until the time designated on the application. The clean-up and load-out of equipment and personal belongings must be completed and the facility completely vacated by the time indicated on the application. Applicant is responsible for arranging furniture as necessary for their event.
  7. Applicant must be in attendance for the entire time the reservation is in effect. For groups composed primarily of minors, applicant agrees to have one adult in attendance in a supervisory capacity for every ten minors.
  8. All applicants must pay a deposit, which will be refunded following an inspection of the room and provided that the room, furnishings, and equipment are left clean and undamaged.
  9. Due to the potential for damage to Library equipment, no equipment other than the user's laptop can be connected to Library equipment. All Library equipment must be used as is. No modifications or adjustments may be made to the equipment. Any violation will result in the forfeiture of the deposit. Only self- contained pieces of equipment may be brought in for use by individuals. Further, there is no access to the sound booth or mixing board in the Martin Luther King Jr. Auditorium. If using a laptop during a presentation we strongly urge applicant to check compatibility between the Library system and user's laptop before the program date.
  10. Applicant wishing to put up displays or decorations must first obtain permission to do so. Items shall not be taped or tacked to painted walls. No flammable materials will be permitted; and all materials used must be treated with flame-proofing and approved by a representative of the City Fire Prevention Bureau.
  11. No smoking is allowed. The serving or use of intoxicating beverages is prohibited.
  12. Applicant agrees to include in any printed publicity, the statement: "This program is not sponsored by the Santa Monica Public Library."
  13. The Library may not be used as a mailing address for organizations meeting at the Library.
  14. Storage of personal property is not permitted.
  15. An announcement regarding emergency procedures will be made prior to the commencement of each meeting.
  16. All meetings must end prior to Library closure. All attendees and participants must exit the building at closing time except in the case of approved afterhours events. Announcements will be made by Library staff as the closing time approaches.
  17. Use may be revoked and/or denied in the future, by the City Librarian if there is any violation of the Rules for Use of Meeting Rooms, non-payment of fees or any abuse of the privilege of using the facility or equipment.


Collaborative Library/Community Programs

This category consists of programs or services that meet mutual goals to serve the public or special user groups and are offered jointly by the Santa Monica Public Library and a community group, agency or individual. Program design, scheduling for the program and outreach is done in a collaborative way. City staff and the community group or agency participates in all aspects of the event from creation, funding, marketing, staffing and evaluation. Rental fees are waived for collaborative programs.


Application Procedure

  1. An application for Use of City Facility and Waiver and Release of Liability Agreement and a signed confirmation are required of all groups using the meeting rooms. These documents are available from the Administration Office in the Main Library and at the Branch Libraries where the rental facilities are located. Hours for bookings and submitting applications may be limited.
  2. Rooms will be reserved on a first come, first served basis. A one week (5 business days) courtesy hold may be made but reservations cannot be confirmed until the signed confirmation has been received and all fees and deposits paid. If payment is not received within 5 business days the reservation will be released. Payments must be made by credit card, check, money order (payable to the Santa Monica Public Library) or cash.
  3. In the event of conflicts over requested dates for use of the meeting rooms, preference will be given in the following order:
    1. Library events
    2. City agencies
    3. Others
  4. Use of facilities may be revoked by the City Librarian if there is a conflict with Department use.
  5. Rooms may be booked no more than two months in advance at the Main Library and three months in advance at the Branch Libraries.
  6. Meeting room use is limited as follows:
    1. Meeting rooms may be booked for a maximum of six hours system wide, as two three-hour sessions, per applicant or organization per month.
    2. The standard booking fee covers one three-hour session including set-up and clean up time.
    3. A single meeting room session may be booked for additional hours (not to exceed the maximum usage of six hours per month).
    4. Additional hours will be charged as listed in the fee schedule.
    5. An applicant or organization that uses more than three hours in a session will have reached their limit for the month.
  7. Rental agreements are subject to review by the City Librarian and the Library Board, who will determine compliance with Library meeting room policy.
  8. Facility entrance doors will be closed and locked 30 minutes after permitted starting time if users fail to show up. Refunds due to late arrivals or no shows will not be granted.



  1. Applicant should notify Library Administration (for reservations at the Main Library) or the Branch Manager (for reservations at the branch libraries) as soon as possible if the meeting is to be canceled.  Fees will be refunded only if cancellation notification is received in writing one week (5 business days) in advance of the reservation date. For all cancellations an administrative fee of $25.00 will be deducted from the refunded amount.
  2. The Library reserves the right to cancel or reassign meeting dates due to emergency requirements of the City of Santa Monica or the Library.


Fee Schedule

The standard booking fee covers one three-hour session including set-up and clean up time. A deposit is required on all reservations.

Santa Monica neighborhood associations meeting the criteria for city grant support are exempt from the regular hourly meeting room rental fees while following all of the other rules in the library meeting room policy.

Fees to be charged for the use of community facilities but which are not listed in the fee schedule shall be determined by the City Librarian and shall be based upon the costs incurred in providing the facility or program.

Based on availability, a security staffing fee will be assessed for use of the facility (Martin Luther King Jr. Auditorium, Fairview Branch, or Pico Branch) outside of operating hours.


Santa Monica Public Library Meeting Room Fee Schedule

 $100 deposit required on all reservations
Maximum use of six hours per month applies system wide
All meetings must be FREE and open to the public

Main Library
601 Santa Monica Blvd. 310.458.8606

Martin Luther King Jr. Auditorium & Reception Room Use

$80 per hour (3 hours minimum)

Multipurpose Room

$60 per hour (3 hours minimum)

Community Meeting Room

$30 per hour (3 hours minimum)

Main Library Miscellaneous Charges


Security Staffing Fee
Kitchen Use
Piano Use

$70 per hour or portion thereof
$100 per piano

Fairview Branch Library
2101 Ocean Park Blvd. 310.458.8681

Conference Room $30 per hour (3 hours minimum)

Montana Ave. Branch Library
1704 Montana Ave. 310.458.8682

Conference Room $30 per hour (3 hours minimum)

Ocean Park Branch Library
2601 Main Street 310.458.8683

Conference Room $30 per hour (3 hours minimum)

Pico Branch Library
2201 Pico Blvd. 310.458.8684

Annex $30 per hour (3 hours minimum)

Branch Library Miscellaneous Charges


Security Staffing Fee
Kitchen Use

$35 per hour or portion thereof


Application for Use of City Facility
and Waiver and Release of Liability Agreement

Do not sign this agreement before you read it or if it contains any blank spaces to be filled in.

Applicant _________________________ desires to use the ______________________ facility located at________________________________ on _____________________. In consideration of being permitted to use the facility, the undersigned Applicant waives, releases, and discharges the City of Santa Monica, its officers, agents, servants and employees (collectively "CITY") from all liability for any loss or damage whatsoever, including personal injury, death, property damage, medical expense and any other type of expense (collectively "damages") whether caused by the active or passive negligence of the CITY, while the undersigned Applicant is in, upon or about the facility premises.

Applicant also acknowledges, agrees and represents that he/she has or immediately upon entering will, inspect the premises and facility. It is further agreed that entry and/or use of the facility constitutes an acknowledgment that the facility and all equipment thereon have been inspected and that the Applicant finds and accepts the facility and equipment as being safe and reasonably suited for use. Applicant accepts the facility in its present condition, and is without representation or warranty by CITY as to the condition of the facility, or as to the use or occupancy which may be made of it. Applicant also waives, releases and discharges CITY from all liability for any loss or damage, including personal injury, death, property damage, medical expense and any other type of expense caused by the condition and/or maintenance of the facility or any equipment.

Applicant also agrees to release, hold harmless, defend and indemnify CITY from any and all liability for any loss, injury and/or damages to any third party arising out of the use of the facility by the third party pursuant to this application.

The undersigned Applicant further expressly agrees that this waiver, release and indemnity agreement is intended to be as broad and inclusive as is permitted by the laws of the State of California and that if any portion of the Application and Agreement is held invalid, it is agreed that the balance shall continue in full legal force and effect.

Applicant certifies that he/she has read and voluntarily signs the release and waiver of liability and indemnity agreement, and further agrees that no oral representations, statements or inducement apart from the foregoing written agreement have been made.

Applicant: ______________________________________

Date: __________________________________________

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