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  "The Living Room ... a place for adults" is a program, initiated in 2008 through a Library Services and Technology Act (LSTA) federal/state grant called Transforming Life after 50: Public Libraries and Baby Boomers. The aim of the program is to help all adults under, around and over 50 years of age rediscover the library as their community living room, a place to connect, get active and learn. The LSTA grant that launched the program was designed to ensure that the Library is meeting the needs of this demographic group (born 1946-1964). Since its start in 2008, "The Living Room...a place for adults" has served as a model for the community it was designed to engage and support.

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Programs for 50+/Seniors

Jan 26    12:00pm    Fairview Branch
Vibrant Older Adults: Yoga for 50+
Jan 26    2:00pm    Pico Branch
The Wonderland of Lewis Carroll
Jan 26    7:00pm    Main Library
Jan 27    12:00pm    Fairview Branch
(Offsite) NEW! Book Club at Bolivar: A TALE FOR THE TIME BEING
Jan 28    6:00pm    Fairview Branch
What's New This Week?
Jan 29    1:00pm    Fairview Branch
Una Dieta Saludable
Jan 29    6:30pm    Fairview Branch
An Armchair Visit to Northern England
Jan 29    6:30pm    Main Library
Vibrant Older Adults: Yoga for 50+
Jan 31    12:00pm    Fairview Branch
Doug Suisman on the Boulevards
Jan 31    1:00pm    Main Library
Raising Your Self Esteem
Jan 31    2:00pm    Ocean Park Branch
Feb 2    12:00pm    Fairview Branch
Feb 3    12:00pm    Fairview Branch
Internet Security
Feb 3    6:00pm    Main Library
Mindfulness Meditation
Feb 4    6:00pm    Montana Avenue Branch
Movie Screening: Gone Girl (2014)
Feb 4    6:00pm    Main Library
What's New This Week?
Feb 5    1:00pm    Fairview Branch
Black History Month Movie: Talk to Me
Feb 5    6:30pm    Fairview Branch
Succulent Bonsai Workshop
Feb 7    12:00pm    Fairview Branch
Home Remodeling Made Easy
Feb 7    2:00pm    Ocean Park Branch
Feb 9    12:00pm    Fairview Branch
Movie: Much Ado About Nothing (2012)
Feb 9    6:30pm    Fairview Branch
Feb 10    12:00pm    Fairview Branch
Laughter Yoga
Feb 10    7:00pm    Montana Avenue Branch
Montana Mystery Book Group: The One from the Other
Feb 11    7:00pm    Montana Avenue Branch
What's New This Week?
Feb 12    1:00pm    Fairview Branch
Classic Movie: Carmen Jones (1954)
Feb 12    3:00pm    Main Library
"In Case You Missed It:" I Am Ali
Feb 12    6:30pm    Montana Avenue Branch
Community Book Swap
Feb 12    6:30pm    Fairview Branch
American Stories Book Group
Feb 14    1:30pm    Pico Branch
Feb 17    12:00pm    Fairview Branch
Movie Screening: Get On Up
Feb 17    6:00pm    Pico Branch
Ocean Park Mystery Book Group
Feb 17    7:00pm    Ocean Park Branch
Mindfulness Meditation
Feb 18    6:00pm    Montana Avenue Branch
Santa Monica Reads Book Discussion: Longbourn by Jo Baker
Feb 18    7:00pm    Montana Avenue Branch
What's New This Week?
Feb 19    1:00pm    Fairview Branch
"In Case You Missed It:" Brian's Song
Feb 19    6:30pm    Montana Avenue Branch
Santa Monica Reads Movie Screening: Gosford Park (2001)
Feb 19    6:00pm    Ocean Park Branch
Main Library Docent Tours
Feb 20    12:30pm    Main Library
VITA - Tax Preparation Assistance
Feb 21    11:30am    Fairview Branch
Vibrant Older Adults: Yoga for 50+
Feb 21    2:00pm    Ocean Park Branch
Santa Monica Reads Book Discussion: Longbourn
Feb 21    2:00pm    Offsite Location
Feb 23    12:00pm    Fairview Branch
1000 Places to See Before You Die by Patricia Schultz
Feb 23    7:00pm    Pico Branch
Feb 24    12:00pm    Fairview Branch
Santa Monica Reads: Bookmaking with Lace
Feb 24    6:30pm    Pico Branch
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